High concept statement

Tim Burton meets a third of The Lost Vikings in "Zombie in Love", a horryfing 2D puzzle-platformer, in which you, the player, is tasked with helping Lou the Lovesick Zombie assemble the undead love of his dreams. With the engenious eye-mechanic at your disposal, you must swing past hazardous obstacles, solve braindead puzzles and search for spare body parts in order to stitch together a rotting, yet adorable bride.

What is Zombie in Love?

Zombie in Love is a 2D puzzle/platform game with a twist of dark humor. The game takes place shortly after a zombie apocalypse, in which The Earth has been overrun by undead creatures. One of these abominations of night, Lou, has apparently become lovesick, but with no living creatures to marry, he sets out on an epic journey to collect body parts. Hopefully, his stash of rotting corpses will be enough for him to stitch together an undead, lovable bride. The game is ridden of enemies and fellow zombies, making Lou a lone survivor in the desolate, melancholic remains of Earth.

Why create Zombie in Love?

The idea behind Zombie in Love springs from the irony of having an undead, rotting creature - normally seen as mankind's enemy - being lovesick. This concept originally spawned a stream of thoughts related to game mechanics, we wanted a single core mechanic, which would display this irony, and thus ended out with having the zombie throw his eye at stuff, being able to navigate the environment by means of it. Our motivation for creating the game, then, is to oppose the common perception of zombies in flash games, in which they are rather trivially portrayed. Secondly, the game focuses on rather alternative mechanics not normally seen in zombie games, the latter typically being either eating people or shooting zombies.

What is the main focus of Zombie in Love?

The focus of Zombie in Love is Lou as a character and the affordances and constraints that comes with him, in particular the implemented mechanics. We want the player to feel kinda constrained when moving the zombie around, yet at the same time he has access to a "superpower", the versatile eye, which can be used to navigate the environment in a more agile way. Central to the concept is the bride assembling screen, which ties the story to the in-game mechanics and adds "open-endedness" to the game play.

What makes Zombie in Love different from similar games?

Flash-based zombie games are not entirely new, in fact they are among the most popular Flash games on the Internet. Zombie in Love is different with regards to its theme and unique mixture of skill-based and mentally challenging game-play. By approaching the genre in an unconventional way, having the main character, a zombie, being friendly and loving, we tried to create a non-conventional zombie game involving no gore-making at all. Instead, the game is about unreserved love between an undead creature and the obscurity, which he sets out to create. The mood, then, becomes rather melancholic, tragicomic and non-violent, quite the opposite of standard zombie games.

Who should play Zombie in Love?

Zombie in Love is targeted at adults with a bizarre sense of humor, who has 10-15 minutes to spare on playing a game and who appreciate collecting stuff. We assume these people have at least a bit of previous experience with computer games. We hope that the players we are targeting will feel some sort of satisfaction when tracking down body parts, maybe even wanting to collect them all to be able to create the most bizarre brides.

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- Macabre Game world where you can be experimental and explorative.
- Thrilling eye-mechanics, which allows you to traverse dangerous levels.
- Assemble the bride of your dreams, will a dog's head go with a woman's body?
- Prepare to have your motor skills and mental capacity challenged by the ingenious challenges.
- Experience a tragicomic take on zombie apocalypse, as you help Lou in his quest for true love.

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